Pizza With A Twist

I am always trying new pizza recipes.  In the past I have made bbq chicken pizza that is fantastic and taco pizza. I wanted to try making a chicken garlic pizza so I came up with this recipe. First I made a white sauce and put a lot  of garlic in it. I made it a little thicker than normal so that it wouldn’t be runny on the crust.


Then I caramelized some onions to put on top of the pizza.


I made my usual homemade crust and let it rise while I was cooking up a chicken breast. I had let the onions and sauce cool a little before I put it on the crust. I have to say that when I made the sauce, I made it lower in fat and salt. It might not have the creamy taste that a heavier sauce would have but nonetheless it was still good.

I put the sauce down, then some low fat mozzarella cheese, the onions and some cut up chicken. Cooked it in the oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes. I have to say that it wasn’t too bad. I might not put as much flour in the sauce next time but everyone said that it wasn’t too bad for a first time concoction.


I forgot to take a picture before we started eating, so this was all that was left when I remembered. I was a little disappointed that my crust didn’t want to raise well that day. I personally don’t like thin crust pizza, to me the thicker the better.

If anyone has a good idea for a garlic sauce that I could use, I would love to try something different. I would also be interested in other pizza flavors. Bring on the ideas!





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