Frugality And Luxuries

Years ago I read a book called Frugal Luxuries. It was one of those light bulb moments where you realize that you can have certain things even though you are frugal. I have always liked our home to look inviting, but it can be difficult on one income as was our case when our children were little. I learned that pinching pennies was the best way to achieve the cozy look in our home.

Can simple pleasures enhance your life? Comfort you? I believe they can. I am a firm believer of the simple things in life although I also like to splurge on doing something that makes you happy as you only live once. You do have to enjoy life :). As I write this post, I am sitting on my porch. The wind is blowing and I can smell flowers around me. It is a simple pleasure.


I did buy some hanging baskets this year and am enjoying them very much. That is one of the simple things that I enjoy. I could have wasted my money on something else that I could have enjoyed once, but these will be around all summer long. Years ago we were given iris bulbs to plant. Every year we get to enjoy the beautiful flowers as they bloom.


It is comforting to sit out here and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

I love to bake healthy muffins, but I hate not using cupcake liners. I usually purchase the cheap liners at Dollar General which work out to a penny a piece, but when I can get pretty ones cheap enough, I will buy them. I found a printable coupon for cupcake liners and bought some for less than a penny a piece. I love making my food eye appealing. If I make healthy muffins and my family can enjoy them, I can at least make it look cozy and inviting to sit down to eat.


How many of you make dinner and then just put it on the table? Do you put down a nice tablecloth? Maybe use cloth napkins once in a while? It is a simple pleasure that I enjoy doing once in a awhile. As a family it is expensive to eat out all of the time, so why not make your dinner table look pleasing to the eye and comfort you while you enjoy your meal?

I consider our home our haven from the world. As soon as I set my foot in the door when I come home from work or wherever I have been, I try to leave any problems outside the house. You don’t have to spend a lot on decorating to make you home as cozy as you like. Trust me, I haven’t. I have pinched pennies for so long, I have realized that sometimes less is best. Last year when we had our daughters grad party, I wanted to get different curtains for the living room windows. I didn’t want to spend a fortune at some department store but I wanted something pretty. We had blinds on them before with toppers because we get a lot of sunlight coming through in the summer evenings. Well, I went to Dollar General to get something for the party and had found some really pretty lace curtains. There were just enough to do our windows. Our living room is rustic and those lace curtains really made a difference. I didn’t spend a lot of money and it made the living room cozy and inviting. I am happy with them and now when the sun shines through the windows, it makes the room more cheerful.

There are other aspects of our lives that can bring you simple pleasure and comfort you. Do you take pleasure in the clothes that you wear? Getting dressed is something that we do every single day of our lives, but do you take pleasure in picking out your clothes and finding comfort in how you look? I love the feminine look with lace and pretty jewelry. I do not spend hardly anything on my clothes as I either shop clearance racks or thrift shops and I love to poke through old looking jewelry at garage sales and shops. It is a simple pleasure that I will always enjoy.

Take time to figure out what simple pleasure you enjoy. Take a bubble bath, now that is a simple, frugal luxury right there! Do whatever it takes to take that frugal step into having simple pleasures and feel luxurious. If it comforts you and your soul, you are on the right path.





2 thoughts on “Frugality And Luxuries

  1. Love the cupcake liners!
    A simple pleasure for me is after work I have an hour before my daughter is out of school. I like to come home, have a reheated cup of coffee and a small treat. Then I feel refreshed for the second shift job of Mom!

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