A Long Weekend

Some people like to take a long holiday weekend and go camping or on a mini vacation somewhere. I had to work yesterday and we really wanted to get our garden planted so we really didn’t make any specific plans. I had come home from work and had found my hubby getting the garden ready.


We started planting it today even though it was cold. We are in the woods so we don’t usually get a frost on the garden until fall when the leaves are off of the trees.


We also put 6 tomato plants in a raised bed. Two years ago we started putting them in the raised bed and they have done pretty well. We just keep stakes right beside the bed so that they can be staked as they grow.


Last year I wanted some cherry tomatoes and thought that I would try leaving them in a big hanging basket pot. The plants grew so big and produced such sweet tasty tomatoes, I knew that I wanted to do that again this year. They only thing that is different this year is that I couldn’t find cherry but instead found grape. So we will see how they turn out.


Tomorrow is Memorial Day and it is also my birthday, so we just might go and do something together as a family. No one has to work tomorrow so it will be a much needed family day. Our son will be working and interning this summer, so he might not have another day off when the rest of us will.

I am glad that the garden is done being planted. The real work will come later when I am the one who has to pick everything to eat and can.

I hope that everyone has a nice Memorial Day!!





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