Springtime Weather

I am slowly getting back to normal which means I am outside more. Hubby and I had our 25th anniversary a couple of weeks ago and my mom gave us some rose bushes for a gift. Between one thing and another they hadn’t got planted until today. It was another beautiful day so we took advantage of the weather and got the bushes planted and some other things done.


We had to decide where to put them and after much debating (smile!!) we put them near an old tree stump.


I can’t wait until they bloom. I know it will be awhile but one is red and the other is yellow. We have a red one already that my mom gave us years ago and when it blooms it is pretty.

I also rearranged some junk in the yard today.



I love old farm stuff. It’s hard to imagine someone using this in their garden. We moved our son out of college over the weekend and one of his roommates had an old push mower, I am talking a relic. I think his mom said that it was close to 100 years old. Those boys mowed their grass with that thing! I really wanted it to decorate my yard with and when I said out loud that it would be cool to have it, his mom said that it belonged to one of her relatives. Whoever it belonged to was close to 100 when she died. Maybe one of these days I will find one at a yard sale.

I also wanted to buy some flowers today, but I am sure which ones I want to put in my barrels and in pots on my porch. So I just bought a hanging basket for now.


Hubby and I also visited my dad’s grave and took some flowers that my mom had bought for it. My son helped me with the laundry and between the two of us we got everything washed and hung on the clothes line. Every line was filled with bedding and clothes and they were dry in no time. It was a very productive day and I think that we all enjoyed the nice weather.





2 thoughts on “Springtime Weather

    • Thanks healthfulsave. I do feel better except for the darn blood pressure meds they changed me to. Just have to get that adjusted. Still sore and can’t lift anything over 5 pounds for another 3 weeks, so I still yell for help 🙂

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