Feathered Visitors

I had some visitors today, Tom and his friends came strutting into the front yard and I had to scramble to get my camera. I should learn to keep the darn thing with me at all times. I just started snapping and sometimes didn’t get a good focus.




At one point, I thought that he was going to come onto the porch. I kind of wish that he would have. He wandered around a lot and didn’t even seem that afraid of me.


His friends liked poking around on the other side of our house. I had clothes on the clothes line and at one point I thought that they were going to walk right into them. These birds are tall in person and when they are fanned out and strutting can look huge. I was amazed that they didn’t seem to afraid of me since it is still turkey season. Gee, I could have some turkey in my freezer right now 🙂

I think that I will leave the hunting up to my hubby, Maybe they will come back when he is home and he can fill our freezer.





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