Pinterest Success!

I had tried a recipe from Pinterest the other day and I shared it on here. That one was called Cinnamon Apple Cake and it was not what the picture looked like nor was it the best tasting. It was ok, but I wouldn’t make it again. Well I felt inspired to make something refreshing today since the temperatures around here finally crept into the 70’s. I decided to go to Pinterest again and make the recipe that I have heard others rave about. The only ingredients are grapes and two different kinds of jello. When you mix the two it is supposed to taste like Sour Patch Kids candy. Well, in a nutshell, THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!! The original recipe called for sugar free lemon jello and regular watermelon jello. I had sugar free peach and regular island pineapple.


You are supposed to use green grapes, but my store didn’t have any so I just used these huge red ones. Just wash the grapes but don’t dry them. Mix the two dry jello mixes together in a bag. The recipe said to put the mix on a plate a little at a time to coat the grapes. You are supposed to roll them in the powder, but I found it too time consuming so I just put the grapes in the bag with the mix and shook them up until they were coated. When you have coated the grapes, put them in a bowl and refrigerate them for at least an hour.


Mine were in the fridge for about 2 hours and I just had to try them, Ohh were they good! This is something that I will be making all summer long. I did read that someone left theirs in overnight and they were even better than if you started eating them right away.

This was one recipe that is easy and also didn’t fail me. Now excuse me while I go stuff my face again 🙂






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