Hospital And Prayers

As I sit here at 4:30 in the morning, I am waiting to go to the hospital to get my defibrillator implanted. It is something that I am not looking forward to. I am a worry wart by nature, but this has been the worst that I have ever been. Hubby and I had a nice weekend getaway at Niagara Falls courtesy of our two children. It is our 25th anniversary tomorrow. It was so nice and relaxing, just what I needed before having to get this procedure done. I have done some thinking and have realized that some people that I thought were my friends, have not even said one word to me about this. Not a “thinking of you” or “will you need anything?” or even a “call me if you need anything”. I am not sure if they can’t handle something of this nature, or if true colors have come out. Having been told that I need to have this done has made me realize who and what is important in my life. This has definitely been a time to reflect. A time for prayer. A time to stop and smell the roses again. I did all of this after my heart attack almost a year and a half ago. I sometimes wonder if God makes some of us stop and smell those roses several times in our lives for reasons. I have always believed that there are reasons for everything. I just sometimes wonder what the reason is.

I will be on again sometime this week, so until then, keep me in your thoughts and prayers.




5 thoughts on “Hospital And Prayers

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you.
    My husbands supervisor had this surgery about 3-4 years ago for a birth defect he just found out about when he was 55. He is doing great after his surgery, just has to avoid microwaves and green leafy veggies. I hope you recover quickly and do as well as he has.
    Rhonda – make, do and mend

    • Thank you Rhonda. I am doing well considering what I went through. I will spare the details, but I feel ok. I just can’t wait to get the staples out then I will feel a lot better.

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