A Challenge For Everyone To Save Money

I have read other blogs for several years now and some of them had challenges of having a spend free month other than the usual bills. I know that sometimes that isn’t possible for some, and honestly sometimes it is hard for me. I love to go to thrift shops and peruse the aisles and  I also like to go to the grocery store for the “unbeatable” sale.  While I know that I will have to go to the grocery store for some things, I am going to try to cut my spending even more. As I have read on other blogs, some people have a spend free month. Well, I am shooting for several days in a week that are spend free. I think that is more reasonable for me. I will still have to go to the grocery store once a week, so I know that day is out of the question. I will, however, try to keep my spending down at the store. Just the other day when I went, I took advantage of some store coupons that came in the mail. My favorite store sent me come coupons for produce, meat, frozen food and yogurt. I thought that it was perfect timing on their part because they have some of that stuff on sale this week.


I got these four items for $2.29. I also got a package of pork chops for $3.00. It pays to take advantage of the coupons that the store will send you in the mail. The yogurt and dish soap were $1 each and the onion was only 29¢. The waffles were totally free. I love to shop like this. Why should I spend money on groceries when I don’t have to?

I have mentioned before about saving money because we had to buy new appliances. We were able to buy them without incurring interest on our credit card as we saved money in other areas to pay for the appliances. If you can cut costs in one or two areas to help in another, you don’t really notice a difference in your bank account. So if you have some spend free days, just think of the money that you can put to one side in case something “unexpected” comes up. Or maybe you can take that money and go on a vacation, or just pay off some bills. Whatever you decide to do with that money, it is a good feeling when you know that there is money sitting there when you need it. And just think, that money is there because you took the time to think about whether you really needed to spend it or not in the first place.

Being frugal, cheap or thrifty, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t mean you are poor. It means that you have power over your money. It means that you work hard for it and that you are smart in the ways that you spend it. That is how I see it. I would rather be thrifty and happy not to be in debt up to my eyeballs than to be sitting here and wondering how am I going to pay for something. So this is where the spend free days come in handy. Try to use what you have around the house first, before going out to buy something. Chances are that there is something that you can use first before starting up your car and spending gas and money at the store for that one thing that you thought that you needed. Out of paper towels? Use a towel instead. Out of lunch meat, eat peanut butter and jelly until you do go to the store. There are small things that you can do to get by until you really do need to go to the store.

Keep that goal in mind if you truly want to save money. Try to have some spend free days with me. I would love to hear how others save money and let me know if you are going to try the challenge. I would love to hear your stories.




2 thoughts on “A Challenge For Everyone To Save Money

  1. Hi Beth, I was already planning to have little spending in May. We’ve stocked up on frozen things and produce. There are no family birthdays this month. Except for a 4 day trip to visit our parents, I am hoping and planning on a low spend May.

    You did good with your groceries!

    • Thanks. The month of May in our house is busy. My birthday, Mother’s Day, and our anniversary. It is our 25 anniversary this year so we are going away for a weekend. I have actually been putting money aside for this getaway so it won’t seem too bad. I can’t wait for the garden to start producing so that will help more on the grocery bill. Have a nice day!

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