A Foodie At Work

I remember finding a sugar cookie recipe on Pinterest that you could put in a cupcake pan. I pinned it and I didn’t realize that I had also pinned a chocolate chip recipe that you could put “on” a cupcake pan. I remember buying a sugar cookie package mix so I thought that I would try my hand at making sugar cookie cups.


Just make your cookie mix according to package directions. I did use the recipe for cutout cookies and not drop. Then put the dough in a cupcake pan, it will make 12. I found out that it makes 12 REALLY thick cookie cups.


The next thing that I did was gently pushed down the dough into the cup with my hand, then I took a glass with a design around the bottom of it.


I thought that the design would show up better, and I think that it would have except that there was too much dough in it. I did have to make sure that I had some extra flour on the glass so that it wouldn’t stick to the dough. Bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 11 minutes. Mine were a little gooey on the bottom when I took them out, but they did firm up. I let them cool a little while they were still in the pan before I took them out. In the mean time I got some of my toppings ready.


I had some of the Andes mints already on hand so I thought that would be good in a cookie cup. In the bulk container are mini peanut butter cups that are SOO GOOD! Of course there is some fruit too. I was going to put blueberries in the cups and also cut up some strawberries but then I thought that I would just let everyone do what they wanted to do for their own cups.


Inside the cups I put a lowfat whipped topping. You could use pudding instead, but my first thought was the whipped topping with fruit. I took a bite of the mints with a blueberry and I quite surprised on how well it tasted together. I thought that they turned out pretty well considering that the cookie was thick. Everyone enjoyed it.

I was also in the mood to make some cinnamon rolls and pepperoni balls. I took some frozen bread dough out of the freezer and whipped up some goodies in no time.



I normally make a refrigerator dough for both of these recipes but I had bought some frozen dough and I wanted to use it up. I have never bought frozen dough before and I was impressed with the pepperoni balls, but I haven’t tried the cinnamon rolls yet. My homemade ones don’t usually look like these, so maybe the dough is a little different for a sweet roll.

I enjoyed being in the kitchen again. It has been awhile since having do deal with my medical crap lately. I decided that this must be my “nesting” kicking in. I had surgery years ago and when I had a stent put in over a year ago, I seem to want to make our home more “ready” for when I come home from the hospital. It is kind of like when you are pregnant, only this time, thank goodness I am NOT! It is just an internal instinct that kicks in I guess.

I think that the next thing that I will make is a batch of meatballs…. and maybe some crockpot mac and cheese….oh and hunter style chicken…… yummy!!!!!!!



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