A Healthy Burger

I know, there is no such thing as a healthy burger right? Well, you can make a burger that is less in fat, salt, and is still tasty to eat. I am always looking for seasonings and foods that will be good for me and also taste good. When I used to work at a store that had a hot deli they used to use what is called Cavender’s Seasoning. It is a greek seasoning that comes in regular and salt free. I have the salt free here in the picture.


You can use this seasoning on just about anything. I even use it on salmon. Anyway, When I make a healthy burger, I generally use turkey burger that is 97% fat free which means it will need doctored up a little. That is where seasonings come in handy. I use the Cavender’s on the meat and everyone seems to like it. It might not have the beef flavor but it isn’t too bad.


I sprinkle a generous portion of seasoning on the raw meat before we grill it. You have to have burgers grilled right? That to me is the best way to make a burger, on the grill. I put the seasoning on both sides of the patties.

My hubby usually grills the burgers, so while he is manning the grill, I am getting all of the toppings ready. I just use the basics, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese. I buy low fat cheese so that will cut down on the fat content of the burger. The condiments is where the salt comes in on a burger. Have you ever noticed the sodium in ketchup? It is crazy! If you don’t have to worry about your salt intake, then by all means use whatever you want on yours. I try to keep the salt and fat down, so it can be a little difficult. If you want to have a bacon burger, you can use turkey bacon to cut out the fat. It will taste different, but it isn’t that bad. I made a basic cheeseburger the other night that I thought was heavenly.


I didn’t have any wheat buns so I just used white. I actually prefer wheat as they are usually softer than white. In the picture it looks like there isn’t much meat, but there is plenty there. It is actually what a serving should be.  This burger was pretty good considering that it is low in fat. It might not be the dripping, oozing burger like you would get at a fast food restaurant, but it is healthier and cheaper than eating out.

Eating healthy can still be tasty as long as you know how to change things up a little. Be adventurous in the kitchen and you never know what you will come up with. Now excuse me while I go wipe the drool off of my keyboard. Looking at the picture made me hungry 🙂








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