Getting Ready For Next Winter

I know that you read the title for this post and probably thought that I am losing my mind. Why am I talking about next winter when we have finally finished this winter? Because the weather has finally co-operated with us and we can drive our four wheeler and tractor across the yard. The ground was too soft several weeks ago, but now it has hardened up enough to drive across.

We have several trees down and some big branches as well that need cleaned up. We have a woodstove in our basement that supplements our heat in the wintertime, so we need more wood cut for next year. It is best to cut it early so that it has time to dry out. Burning green wood in an indoors woodstove is like looking for trouble. We have known some people that have had fires due to burning green wood.


This little trailer is hitched up to the four wheeler and makes it so much easier to haul wood short distances. My hubby and daughter got the splitter out and split up some wood this morning. It isn’t as back breaking as it used to be around here. Years ago, hubby used to use just an axe and a splitting maul. He didn’t need to go to the gym for a work out, he would just go and cut wood lol. When our son comes home from college, he likes to get the axe out and cut wood that way so he can get some exercise.

When all of this wood gets cut, we stack it close to the basement door, so there isn’t a long walk to bring it in when it is snowing outside.


When we stack the wood, we don’t put it on bare ground. We use wood from old projects or pallets that have been laying around to lay the stacked wood on. That way air can get underneath the wood and help with the drying process. When we are done stacking, we cover the wood with tarps so when it rains again, the wood won’t get wet. When we want to stack some more wood, we just uncover the tarp and add to the pile. Last year we had 3 to 4 cords of wood cut for winter and we went through it all. We did have some cold nights this past winter so it doesn’t surprise me that we went through it all.

What we cut now will get burned first next winter. Throughout the summer months we will continue to cut wood and that will be burned last.

When hubby and I were first married, we lived in our basement as we finished building our house. The only source of heat was our woodstove and our electric bill was so cheap it was ridiculous. How I long for a cheap electric bill now. Cheap electric or not, you can’t beat the warmth of wood heat.






3 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Next Winter

  1. I get your posts by email and have not commented becuase workpress works weird on the tablet I usually blog from but I can comment from this desktop. We lived in the country for 11 or so years and heated both houses we lived in with wood. It was lots of work and lots of dust,but you are right, that nothing feels as warm as that wood burning heat.
    Hope your Monday is the start to to a great week and some good news on your health.

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