Extreme Weather

Two days ago it was 85 degrees outside and an absolutely beautiful day. I was really in the mood for “summertime food”.


Grilled chicken and


watermelon! We also had grilled zucchini and macaroni salad. It was so refreshing to have that watermelon. For the first of the season, it wasn’t too bad.

Today’s highs got into the 30’s. Our weather has been such a roller coaster ride it has been ridiculous. Two days ago my daughter and I rode our four wheeler in the evening and we were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Today we have on blue jeans and fleece jackets. Crazy I tell you!

I can’t wait to eat some watermelon outside on a warm sunny day and have the juices running down my hands and arms. Who says that an adult has to eat it with a fork?





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