Life and Nature

It was a nice day yesterday and I was inside working. I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful weather, but at least work was busy so my mind didn’t wander much. Talking with a co-worker helped me a lot and I have finally come out of my slump. I also didn’t realize until I got home from work about the bombing in Boston. Those poor people have more problems than me. I have said a little prayer for them.

Last night my daughter and I went for a ride around our area and I took in all of the beauty of nature. We take so much for granted in our lives that we need to take time and enjoy what we have and what is around us.


Now I have to give the photo credits to my daughter. She is my budding photographer.


The bales of switchgrass look like they were just plopped there. Pretty though.


Reminds me of a Little House on The Prairie moment, without the square bales.


Winding road. Where will it take me?………..


The creek where the water flows, giving life to the trees and animals.


Sometimes you feel like a nut.


My photographer…….She didn’t know that I took this picture of her….


And back home to find new life in the flower garden.





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