Books Versus Internet

I love books. I love the way that they smell and feel when I hold them. I have to say that having a computer has made me not read as much though. I have totally become addicted to Pinterest. Yes, there are some fantastic ideas on there, from how to ideas to fashion. There have been some ideas on Pinterest about how to clean certain items or helpful hints in the kitchen. I was looking at a book that I had found in a thrift shop years ago and realized that this is what I used to do before Pinterest. I would read about helpful hints and tips in books. I actually have two books by the same author and I love both of them.


Deborah S. Tukua is the author of these books. The amount of wisdom that is in these books is awesome. Some of the ideas are tried and true and I have tried some of them. Others are some that I might not ever try, but it makes for some great reading. I love these books because they have down to earth ideas and tips on living in the country or to help make your time easier in the kitchen. You might not get all of these hints if you were on Pinterest. You might not even find these ideas on the internet. This is why I like books. I can keep them on my bookshelf and go over to them anytime and find what I am looking for. I don’t have to turn on my laptop or go on my phone, then type in what I am looking for and hope that what I am looking for pops up. Some people might not like to have the “clutter” of books around, but if you can keep them on a bookshelf neatly then they could actually be part of your décor.

While I will still continue to go on Pinterest, I will always have my bookshelf full of books. I will continue to look for information on the internet if I have to, but I am sure that I will come back to my bookshelf for the answers.





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