Beautiful Day

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. Finally! I had the day off of work and had to do some grocery shopping and buy a new sweeper. While I was out shopping, my daughter decided to rake out the gardens. We have a flower garden where we have perennials and that is where she started to rake.


I think spring is finally here! It looks so nice to see some green and some buds. She was pretty busy today raking out the rest of the flower beds. She has always enjoyed being outside. When she was little she was in her “gotta have a dress on all the time” mode. At three years hold she would wear a dress and put on barn boots to go out and rake the yard or help my hubby with stacking wood. I used to call her “little Laura” because she reminded me of Laura Ingalls from Little House On The Prairie.

My hubby was cutting up some tree branches that fell late last fall and tomorrow, weather permitting, he will split it and stack it for next years winter. When he was done, he went with me to take a walk. It was really enjoyable having the sunshine on our faces after having such cold weather for so long. We came home to grill some burgers on the grill and enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.


This was our view tonight when we had dinner. You can still see some snow on the ground by the pine tree and I can’t wait for that little bit of white stuff to be gone.






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