Do You Air Your Clean Laundry?

Well you can’t say that we are dirty around here as I am always doing laundry. Anyone with a family can attest to the fact that the hamper gets full in no time. The majority of the time in the summer, you will find me hanging our clothes on the clothesline outside. I hate it when it rains because then I have to either wait to do laundry or do what I do in the wintertime and hang our clothes in our upstairs bathroom.


I have two wooden drying racks and two smaller plastic racks. Ninety nine percent of the time the clothes that get hung up are mine and my daughters dress clothes. I don’t throw them in the dryer at all. I did notice that when I first started using the wooden racks they would get darker due to the wet clothes on them. I found that wrapping the rods with packing tape stopped the rods from getting any darker.

I also hang up our jeans in the basement.  The only thing that goes in the dryer are towels and underthings. I know that our electric bill is lower because I hang most of our laundry up instead of drying them in the dryer. I remember reading years ago in The Tightwad Gazette how someone would hang their clothes up because it was more economical. They also mentioned that it helped in the wintertime with putting moisture in the air. It does help! I hang up at least one load a day upstairs in the wintertime and the clothes will be dry by the following day, so it doesn’t take long for them to dry.

I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so that I can hang our clothes outside. I love soaking up the sun while I hang up clothes on the line. I also love to hang up our sheets on the line. There is nothing better than sheets that have been dried in the sun! They smell so good from all of that fresh air and sunshine.

One of these days it will warm enough to hang our laundry outside, but until then I will be hanging our clothes upstairs.





6 thoughts on “Do You Air Your Clean Laundry?

  1. actually – i have been since 2010. i use the heater all night long in the apt, so it helps air dry faster. during the day, i let it dry outside the patio. i loved it during the summer where i wash at 9am and it’s dry by 11:30.

  2. I don’t even have a dryer! It can be tough with a family of seven to even come close to keeping up and I must admit that this winter we haven’t. I still have a mountain of laundry on my porch next to my old wringer washer waiting to be done. Some will be today as it’s going to be nice. And probably almost every day in the next week as it’s supposed to be nice and we’ll be on break from homeschooling to hopefully get the garden started. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Wow, no dryer! I could get by with our family of four by hanging clothes in the basement. Our woodstove goes nonstop in the wintertime and that dries the clothes in no time. Good luck in getting your garden started and finishing your laundry finished.

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