Coupon Savings

The last few weeks grocery stores have been having sales on baking supplies so that customers could get ready for Easter. The savvy shopper can take full advantage of those sales. I do bake throughout the year, not just at the holidays, so I like to take advantage of these sales. While I am the first to tell you that buying something just because you have a coupon is actually a waste of money, I also like to try new things with coupons. What better way to try something new! You don’t have to spend a fortune for something that you might not even like in the first place.


I did have another bag of chocolate chips, but they didn’t make it into the picture because I made some banana chocolate chip muffins. In all I purchased 12 bag of chocolate chips for $1 a piece, an excellent bargain if you ask me. I had a coupon that was going to expire for the Pepsi that I got from Facebook during Super Bowl time which made it totally free except for tax. I was happy to see the coupon for the frosting creations in the paper recently. The coupon was for a free package so I was more than happy to try them out. There was also a $2 coupon for any package of Splenda. Dollar General carries a 50 count package of Splenda packets for $2.35. I will gladly spend 35¢ for a box of Splenda as I use this instead of sugar in some of my baking and in my tea. While I was in Dollar General I found the cupcake liners reduced because they are considered “Easter”, I guess because they are pink. I paid $1.50 + tax for all three. I know that I could buy Dollar General liners for just a little cheaper, and I usually do, but sometimes you have to make things “eye appealing”.

In total I spent $14.35 for everything. The chocolate chips alone cost on average $4 to $5 a bag. Twelve bags at $4 is $48! I think that I did pretty well considering that the chips will last me a long time. I could have bought more chips but I didn’t want to spend too much up front on them. Everything I bought will get used up as we use these products all of the time, except for the frosting creations. Those are something that I have been wanting to try anyway.

Now if I could find some coupons for fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and bread, then that would really help the grocery bill. I generally buy fresh foods, but once in awhile you have to splurge, At least this splurge didn’t break the bank.




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