Finding Comfort

It’s funny how getting a tooth pulled can make you sit back and smell the roses. Years ago when I was a stay at home mom I would watch Little House on The Prairie and The Waltons all the time. I have always liked the time periods in which the shows were depicted to take place. These shows are family shows and I liked watching them with the children. Now having a couple of days off and just taking care of myself, I have gotten back into watching The Waltons.

Taking place during the Great Depression, The Waltons is one of those shows that you can find comfort in watching. They made do with things that today we would probably throw away. They came together in tough times with love and perseverance. While I like all of the characters, I am partial to grandpa. He was a gentle, caring, and fun loving character. He had one of those voices that was gentle to the ear, and his soul was wise. He did have a spirit that loved life and enjoyed a sip or two of the Baldwin ladies secret recipe. As I watched the show, I was finding comfort in grandpa. He has a way of showing compassion and gentleness even during hard times. I found myself more relaxed after watching the show. It is funny how one tv show can comfort you when you don’t feel well.

I am so glad that the show is still on. When I have a bad day or am not feeling well, I know that I can just turn on the tv and watch The Waltons for that little bit of comfort.

Finding comfort in simpler times is something that we all need to do once in awhile.



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