I love looking at old cookbooks. I might never make one recipe from a cookbook, but I will look at the book and admire it. My mother in law gave me a box of old cookbooks the other day and I had fun going through it. Some of the books were eye catching, others were something that I would remember from the 80’s. I love how they smell. I guess that I am weird because I love the smell of old books. You can pick them up, glance at the pages and as you flip each page you can actually smell the book.


This is just a sampling of some of the cookbooks that were in the box. I like church cookbooks and state grange cookbooks. The recipes in those books, in my opinion, come from families that have been cooking home cooked meals for generations. I have some church cookbooks that have some of my relatives recipes in them and I treasure those the most.


This cookbook was put out by Procter and Gamble in 1937. Out of all of the books that were in that box, this one caught my eye the most.  I know that the recipes back then were not the healthiest, but man they were definitely the stick to your ribs kind of meals. When I looked at this book, the first thing that went through my mind was that I would like to try a recipe that is in here then make it again and tweak it so that it will be healthier. Probably won’t be the same, but I will give it a try. I love cookbooks from the Depression era, as they seem so homey, simpler times.

This book goes into detail on how to keep your family healthy, aka which foods build bones and tissue, etc. It also has pictures of what you will need when you bake or deep fry and even if you make salad molds and desserts. It shows you the proper way to set a table, and how to serve your guests when you have company over. The ironic thing is that in some of these pictures are some really pretty china that I now see at thrift shops and would like to collect :). This is the cookbook that I will be sitting down and reading from cover to cover while I have a cup of tea.





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