Breakfast Casserole

When I first got onto Pinterest I was pinning recipes and thinking to myself, gee I wonder if I will ever make any of these recipes? My daughter is also on Pinterest and she was telling me about a breakfast casserole and she wanted to try it. One night I made it for dinner for her and my hubby. They loved it! That particular recipe had sausage, eggs, cheese, onions and frozen hash browns. I made it again a few weeks later. Well this week is going to be really busy around here with numerous doctor appointments, work and life in general so I thought that I would make a casserole for anyone to reheat for their breakfast. I realized that I didn’t have any sausage so I just thought that I would just wing it and throw in what we have on hand here.


As you can see that I did have peppers, cheese, onions and fresh potatoes on hand. Whatever you do use, put in a mixing bowl and mix everything together.



I also put in 5 scrambled eggs, half a cup of milk, and some salt and pepper. I mixed everything together in a mixing bowl and put it into a 9×13 pan.


I added a little more cheese on top and baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. It might not have any sausage in it, but it sure looks good. It goes to show that you can put anything into a casserole. I could have cooked some bacon and thrown it in if I wanted to.

When making a casserole like this, you can put anything into it that you want. Maybe next time I will use the bacon and see how it turns out. I generally don’t buy frozen potatoes so I just use fresh and cut them up real small. It is kind of like an omelet only in casserole form. I like this kind of recipe for a dinner as it is cheap and everyone likes it. Unfortunately, I don’t eat this kind of thing anymore unless it is made with egg whites only. My next mission is to try making one that is a little healthier, and that everyone will enjoy. I really don’t want to be making two different casseroles :).

So when I see another recipe on Pinterest I will either make it the way it is on there, or I will adapt it to what I have on hand. Sometimes it is the new creations that everyone will like the best.






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