Update on Maple Syrup Weekend

I found out that this year is a slow year for maple syrup. With the weather being colder during the days and nights, the sap isn’t running like it should be. If the weather ever warms up during the daytime to around 40 degrees and drops to the 20’s at night, it is perfect for making maple syrup.


I have to say that it was really enjoyable to see how they boil it and it makes you realize how much time goes into making maple syrup.


This is a picture of a boiler. That puppy gets really hot, as you can see the steam coming off of it. It was definitely a learning experience.

If anyone is interested in checking out how they make maple syrup it isn’t too late to go to one of the sugar shacks. If you are in NW PA and are interested in going, just check on the internet for them. I know of several that are more than happy to give a personal tour if you are so interested.






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