Canning Jars

I love canning! Sounds crazy, but I do. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the “ping” sound when those beautiful jars are lined up on my counter. Then there are the shelves lined with the colors from the garden in the jars. They can make a beautiful picture.


Garage sale season will be upon us soon and I will be out with my eagle eye looking for canning jars. Years ago when my children were little we hit a garage sale that had the mother load of jars that even included the bands. I brought home about 3 boxes full of quart and pint jars. I was doing the happy dance! Well I have noticed that since I have given some of my canned goods away this past Christmas that my jar supply is getting a little low. Yep, time for some sales.

I have gone to thrift shops and have found some jars there, but sometimes they are a little more in price than what I would like to pay. Once at a consignment shop I found a box of lids for 50¢. I actually remember the garage sale that I found my canner at. I told the lady that I would like to buy the canner and could I put it to one side while I look at the rest of the sale? She then pointed out to me that there was a table that had all of the supplies that I would need to go with the canner. I was so happy I almost peed my pants. There sat all of the canning utensils that would be in a kit, canning rack, food press and two Oxo brand ladles. The ladles were brand new with the labels still on them. Everything cost me a whopping $6.25. That was the start of my canning career.

I now have a love of jars. I am careful when I buy jars used. I inspect the rim to make sure that they are smooth and I hold them up to make sure that there aren’t any cracks in them. I have found some older ones that have the glass lids on them. I like those for storing dry goods in them. I have popcorn in one and some seasonings in another. I like the way they make my shelf look in my kitchen, the old country look. I am always looking for more of those kinds too.

I actually had to break down last year and buy some more jelly jars from the store because I didn’t have enough on hand. I have a funny feeling that I will have to do the same this year as well.

I try to keep my prices down as much as possible when I buy jars for canning and storing my food. That is why I try to buy used. I also try to get my lids on sale. Last summer there were printable coupons out that helped a lot with keeping the cost down. Part of the reason I can is because of the cost. The other factor is that I know where my food came from.

I am hoping that the snow will melt and the warmer weather will be here soon so that the garage sales can start up again. Until then, I will continue looking in the thrift shops and consignments stores. I just might find the mother load again!




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