A Little Change Please

I don’t know about you, but I can’t look at the same old things in the same old places all of the time. I like change. I have a spot in my kitchen that holds my cookbooks underneath and on top I like to decorate. It is one of those cheesy piece of furniture that you actually can put a microwave on, but I don’t use it for that.


One of these days I want a nice hutch sitting right in this spot, but until then this will have to do.

See the crock on top? I just found that yesterday at a thrift shop for just a couple of dollars. It isn’t in too bad shape so I picked it up just for storing things in. I was happy finding that and a set of queen size sheets for $4 that were in excellent shape. The bean pot that is on the middle shelf was given to me and is in awesome condtion and even has the lid.




The bowl holds my old cookie cutters. I love those because they work so well. The bacon press I found at a rummage sale when you could fill a bag for a $1. I had that bag stuffed and the press was at the bottom 🙂 .

I am a sucker for old cookbooks, or even ones that are newer but have recipes in them that are dated back years ago.


I have two of the Searchlight cookbooks. The Dining During the Depression book is awesome! Simple and humble recipes are in this book along with some stories.

This stand originally had the lamp on it along with a bowl of candy and some other cookbooks, thats it. I think that this is a refreshing change. I can’t wait for garage sales to start and then I will be able to find other things to decorate with. I am hoping for that great sale where I might find that hutch that I am looking for.




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