Do Pickled Onions Make You Cry?

I have to admit that I don’t like anything pickled except pickles. Pickled onions, pickled eggs, anything like that quited frankly gross me out. Growing up with a mother from England, I did get use to different food lingo. She would always talk about different foods that she ate while growing up, aka pickled onions. The first time that my grandparents came here from England, we went to a huge grocery store that carried foods from other countries and yes the pickled onions went into the cart.

I am not sure where this piece came from but it is something that I always remember sitting in our kitchen when I grew up. I asked my mom and she honestly doesn’t remember how she got it, but does know that it is old.


Isn’t it cute?


I am not sure why but his face reminds me of the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz, I think that it is the tears. I did ask my mom what was in it, but she wasn’t sure. The only thing that she did say was that it was most likely made in the 1930’s. I might have to do some investigating to see when it was made and who made it, but until then it will sit on my shelf along with my milk glass.

I have something else that I remember sitting in our kitchen when I grew up, a cheese dish. It originally held chocolates in it and not cheese.


This cheese dish dates back to the 1920’s and my great grandmother gave it to my grandmother when she was married in the early 1930’s.  It is a beautiful piece of china and this picure doesn’t do it any justice. When I called my mom to ask her some questions about this dish, it didn’t dawn on me until she said that it is almost 100 years old. Geesh, I better put it carefully back on the shelf and leave it there. This is one piece of family history that will be passed down to my daughter for her to enjoy.

Yes, pickled onions make me cry and so do some kinds of cheese 🙂 . The cheese dish doesn’t have tears coming out of it, but I do remember my grandfather eating some of the nastiest cheese that would bring tears to my eyes. I honestly don’t remember if mom put the cheese in this dish or put it in something else, but I do remember grandpa eating onions and cheese together.

These dishes bring back great memories and I will cherish them until I pass them down to the next generation.



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