The Box From the Past

I was looking in one of our closets this morning for something and I stumbled across something that I haven’t seen in years. A box that held some of my treasures of when I was a little girl. A box that held my entertainment of playing dress up and really thinking that I was pretty.


If any girl that was a child of the 70’s remembers Avon lip gloss, they will remember the different designs and oh so delicious flavors.



The Funburger, ice cream cone, and the reflector tasted like bubblegum. The tasti mint gloss did taste just that, minty. I think that was my favorite next to the strawberry. The strawberry gloss was a deep red and I felt like Dolly Parton when I put it on, minus the chest lol. The cookie and one of the crayons had that chocolate wax flavor. The other crayons were strawberry and grape. I used to love chewing grape gum and putting that grape lipgloss on, they tasted the exact same. To this day I still like anything grape. Then there is the bottle of cola that  did smell just like cola. The flower isn’t lipgloss, it is soft blue eyeshadow.

I can remember sitting on my bed and trying on different lipglosses and then the eyeshadow and thinking that I looked so grown up. I think that I was only 7 but I felt oh so grown up! With three older brothers I didn’t dare wear this stuff on my face out of my bedroom because I knew that I would get picked on for sure, so I just primped in front of the mirror and then wiped my face off before I left the room.

Most of the containers still have lipgloss in them, but the scents are long gone. The memory of these will stay in my mind forever and I will put the box back in the closet for the next time I want to travel back in time.

How many of you remember Avon lipgloss containers like this? I would love to hear if any of you or your sisters had any as a child.






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