Lazy Cooking

It is another snowy day here today and I think that we are all tired of this weather. It seems that comfort food is what we all turn to when the weather is nasty outside. Comfort food helps, but what do you do when you feel lazy and don’t want to cook? Make your favoite comfort food the easy way! Stuffed cabbage rolls, or pigs in a blanket, which ever you want to call it, tastes so good but is so time consuming. Who wants to stand there and roll up burger into cabbage leaves? Not me! Instead, I chopped up about a half a cabbage head into big chunks. If it looks like too much cabbage, use a little less. I then put it in the crockpot with some brown rice.


At the sametime I was browning some deer burger up in a fry pan with some chopped onion and spices. When it was browned, I added it to the rice and cabbage and also added some canned tomatoes from last years garden.


I actually added two jars of tomatoes. When I was stirring everything in the crockpot, I did add a little more spices for flavoring. Since I have to watch my salt content, I don’t use salt but instead use Mrs. Dash. It actually makes this taste pretty good.


This will simmer all day long and tastes like a cabbage roll only it didn’t take me forever to stand there rolling up the cabbage and burger. I will probably make some rolls to go with it and if the family is lucky, I just might make some no bake cookies. Yep, it is a lazy day watching it snow, again.


Maybe spring will be here soon so I can put some flowers in the barrel that is in this picure. 🙂


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