I didn’t know it when I was a little girl that I would inherit my mothers milk glass collection. Mom is still with us, but she is the type that would rather like to see her family enjoy something now, rather than after she passes away. When she asked me if I wanted all of it, I had to think about it. My children were small, and I was afraid that the glass would get broken. Well, I took it anyway. I always remember mom having a candy dish sitting in the living room and it was milk glass. You knew when someone was getting a piece of candy because the lid always “clanged” when you put it back. Sneaking candy was never an option in our house!


The dish on the left is the candy dish. It is a little yellow even though I tried to wash it. I might have to try again. I love the little flower vase.


Here are some more of the collection.


I am glad that I brought this collection into my home. I have them sitting on a huge shelve that really needs cleaned off so I took them off of that to take the picture. One of these days I would like a china hutch to put my collection in. I would like to enjoy them along with some other china that I have. Oh one of these days I will find just the right hutch at a reasonable price. Until then I will have to clean off the shelf and enjoy them there.

Thanks mom for the collection and the memories!




2 thoughts on “Collections

    • Thank you for the compliment! My mom is a lovely person and I love her very much. She has some china that she gave me as well that you might see in another post sometime. 🙂

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