The Legacy

There aren’t many things in life that you actually know where it came from or who made it. With so many things anymore that are made in China, it is difficult to find something made in the USA.  When we purchased our new stove and refridgerator 2 weeks ago, we didn’t go to a big box store. We shopped locally so we helped the little guy and we also bought appliances that are made in the good ole USA. Whenever possible I try to buy local, whether it is the big ticket items or fresh fruit and veggies in the summer.

When I was going through our basement this morning, I came across something that triggered my thoughts on made in America. It was a lantern made by my husbands grandfather. It is nothing big, but the sentimental value is priceless. It was also made in America by someone who valued pride in work. That is something that is lacking in this country and that is part of the reason, I think, why so much of our goods have gone overseas.


I love the fact that his grandfather made it just for him. He also made some for other family members, but you know that the pride was there in all of the ones that he made.


Sorry about the dust on it, all I did was bring it up from the basement and took pictures. I am sure that his grandfather made this with love, pride, and the thoughts of his grandson in his mind. It took time to punch out all of those holes. Time to reflect on his family and maybe the legacy that he was leaving behind. Something that his own hands created, not someone’s from another country.

It is the same with my father. Before he passed away, he worked in construction. When we built our house, he helped with making the beams in our living room. He did alot of other work, but the beams are something that remind me of him.



If you look on the beams, there are tools that were my fathers. He took pride in making things the old fashioned way. If he had his way, he would have built everything with hand tools. He didn’t like power tools, but would use them on occasion. Like my husbands grandfather, my dad took pride in his work and took pleasure in making things with his bare hands. I am sure if both of them were here today they would be humble knowing that I am talking like this about them. They left their mark in this world and hopefully, somewhere down the road, their legacy will live on.






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