Homemade Laundry Soap Update

Remember my post about a week ago saying that I made my own laundry soap? Well I was only using it for my home use as I was still going to keep buying a bottle here and there for my son to take back to college with him. It is the only kind that he can use due to allergies, plus I didn’t think that he would like having to use the homemade stuff. Well I have allergies to some of the really “perfumey” kinds, plus I can’t use liquid fabric softeners. Well guess what? I found out the hard way that I must be allergic to something in the homemade stuff as well. I can’t figure out why because I have used Fels Naptha for years to get out tough ground in stains on our clothes. I am just not sure if it was the washing soda or the Borax that I can’t handle. I have been itchy all week long. I have washed all of our towels in the homemade stuff so it has to be the soap. I wanted to gradually start using this soap for this particular reason.

At least if I had to have this reaction, I had it during a good sale week on my favorite dergent. With a good sale and great coupons that just came out, I got one heck of a bargain!


This is the first picture of my stash!


This is the second picture of my stash! It wouldn’t all fit on the shelf in my laundry room. I will have to go through and organize it when I have more time. The total price including tax would have cost me $126.95. After sales and coupons I paid $39.36. I think that this will last us for at least a year or two! I did follow the rules on the coupon that states “4 coupons per household per day”. It helps that I work not far from the store that had it on sale, so I could go after work for several days to get some.

I remember about 2 years ago, there was a coupon out for this same product and I had purchased around 48 jugs of detergent. It actually lasted us almost those full two years. I did give some to my mom and sent some with my son to college, so not all of it was used here at home. I hate spending full price on something that you literally pour down the drain, so this sale happened at the right time. No more itching for me! I guess after using it for so long, I can’t use anything else.

If you look in the first picture, you will see a stash of fabric softener that I got for almost free 2 years ago. At one point I had purchased some of the 40 count boxes for free and some of the 80 count boxes were 50¢ each. I don’t use as much fabric softener because in the summertime I hang my laundry on the clothes line outside and in the wintertime I hang our dress clothes on drying racks. Doing this makes my stash last longer. I wonder how long this stash will last me?

I will probably never know which product made me itch, but I just thought that I would let my readers know that even though something is homemade, it can still cause allergic reactions 🙂



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