Comfort Food Healthy Style

Yesterday was a yucky day outside so I figured that eveyone would be in the mood for some warm comfort food for dinner. I took some venison meat out of the freezer. It was already cut into stew meat so I thought that would be perfect for soup. We butcher our own venison meat so I know that it is really lean and tender as we use the tenderloin for stewing.


I rummaged through the cupboards to see what else I could come up with. I found some canned tomatoes that has no salt added, some barley and and some no salt added beef bouillon. Perfect! Beef and Barley soup. I have never made it before so we were all guinea pigs last night. Let me just say that it was delicious! When my daughter came home from work and wanted to know what was for dinner and I told her what it was, she scrunched her nose at me. She enjoyed it as much as I did and she is the one who isn’t on board with me all of the time with my heart healthy cooking.


I am not going to type out the recipe as it is on the back of the box of barley. All I am going to say is that it is quick and simple as it didn’t take long at all. It did call for a bay leaf but I left it out since my daughter is allergic to them. It called for a 9 oz package of frozen vegetables, which I did have on hand, but you could use any leftover vegetables that you may have on hand. This soup can be versatile with the vegetables and with the meat. I used cubed meat, but you could use ground meat as well.


Doesn’t it look delicious? The biscuits that I made went really well with the soup.


The recipe for these I found on the internet. They are supposed to be whole wheat, but here you go again with getting everyone on board with eating healthy. I mix half whole wheat flour and half unbleached white flour. Everyone seems to like that better. The biscuits are delicious with honey on them.

It was a quick meal that filled us up and warmed our souls last night and everyone agreed that it was something that I should make again. By the looks outside I think that I need to make some more comfort food for tonights dinner. It has been snowing all morning and it is only 18 degrees outside 🙂 Spring is right around the corner, isn’t it?





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