Pincushions and Needlework

I think that I opened up Pandora’s box this morning. I wanted to make the pincushion that I  talked about in a previous post so I was trying to find some material this morning. I have some totes that store some craft items so I dug them out and started to look through the first one only to realize that it wasn’t the one that I wanted. When I got to the second one I took one look and fell in love all over again. Cross stitch supplies!


I have more stashed in several baskets, but I had forgotten about this lovely surprise. I found some old buttons as well. I used to do alot of cross stitch pictures and enter them in our local county fair. I am what you might say addicted to needlework and collecting vintage needlework supplies. Well I dug through my stash and found some fabric, buttons, lace and beads. I had tried to find a baby spoon to make my pincushion but not one thrift store in our area had one. I remembered that I had a spoon from before I was married that had my maiden name’s initial on it so I used that. I don’t think that my pincushion turned out too bad.


While I was looking around my room, I realized that my daughter had made me one back when she was still in high school. I love it! It is in a teacup and I am also a tea drinker.  I think that I am now addicted to pincushions.


There is nothing like having a needle in your hand and creating a beautiful piece of art.


The picture isn’t clear but you get the idea of something that I have created. One of many that hand around our home. I haven’t stitched in awhile due to going back to work and just life in general. I have that itch again, the itch to stitch. It has been two long years of not having a needle in my hand. I felt the familiar feeling when I picked up that crochet hook to make the flower for the pincushion. I love the feeling of creating something with a needle. Some people use paint, clay or wood to create. Not me, I will pick up where I left off two years ago and find that contentment once again. A contentment of a simply having a needle in my hand.



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