Yesterday was one of those days where I had the day off of work and there was so much to do. Every year there is a local mall that has garage sales in it for three days only. I usually go to them on the first day as that is when the good stuff is there. This year I had to work a nine hour shift so I couldn’t go. Yesterday would have been the second day so alot of the good stuff would have been picked over but I still went. I was pressed for time because we had some delivery guys coming in the early afternoon and I also had to buy a few groceries. Well with all of that said there were somethings that I looked at and thought hmm I could bring it home but were they worth the money? The first thing that I love to look for are old books, the second is vintage kitchen items. Preferably old cookie cutters. Well, I didn’t find either of those. I did find something to add to my kitchen collection.


Nothing fancy but it will be welcome to the rest of the “junk” that I have decorating my kitchen. I am waiting for spring to get here so that I can get to garage sales as those are so much fun. I love poking through boxes of junk to find that ultimate treasure. I guess to some I might look strange digging through boxes and coming up with something rusty and old. Hey another mans junk is MY treasure! It is the thrill of the hunt and I can’t wait to go hunting for treasure.

I paid a whopping $2 for this and I also found some hold backs for my curtains. Those only cost $1 and they almost match some other hold backs that I already have. They only cost me $1. I am a frugal person to begin with, so going junkin is no exception to the rule. I will always check prices first then decide whether I want it bad enough or if it is worth the price.

Anyone else here like to go “junkin”? Do you have any items that you like to collect without breaking the bank?  I would love to hear about your treasures and how you go about getting them.





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