My Front Yard

When I was cooking dinner tonight, my hubby said that there were deer at the birdfeeder. Well, around here that can be a daily occurance for awhile then all of a sudden the deer will change their routine and we won’t see them again for a long time.


This was all of them that came for “dinner”. I think that they cleaned out all of the bird seed. They didn’t seemed to spooked by us watching them, as they just went right on eating.


As I just sat on the living room floor watching them, there was one deer that started to wander off a little. She stopped and just stared at me like she was posing for the camera.


She looked so beautiful! This is where I have a hard time when hubby goes deer hunting in the fall. I can sit and watch the deer all year long and enjoy nature at its best. Then the fall rolls around and I know that when he goes hunting he will be shooting one of the deer that we were watching throughout the spring and summer months. I do enjoy the meat as it is a very lean meat and I know what is in it when we butcher it ourselves. It is part of life’s cycles. I will enjoy watching them this year until deer season rolls around again in the fall.





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