Decorating with Crates

While cleaning today, I found a Pepsi crate that I forgot that I had. It was dusty and was filled with cassette tapes. No I am not old, I just have some cassettes from my teen years that I can’t seem to part with 🙂 . I remember finding this crate at a garage sale years ago. I also found a crate that I am not sure where I got it from. It looks like it held fruit at some point, but I don’t remember ever buying fruit like this, so it must have been a gift from someone. I didn’t know where to put the fruit crate so I decided on top of my fridge for now. I found some random things from around the kitchen and put it all together.


It is a smaller thin crate that wouldn’t hold too much so I thought that this would be perfect for now.  I also have a crate next to the fridge that I found at a garage sale for $1 years ago. I used to keep it in a hallway to store our guinea pig food when my children were little. Then I would use it as a catch all for whatever things I didn’t need and wanted to donate to the thrift shop. Now it is a home to my lantern.


I love how it looks at night when the lights are off and all you get is the light from the lantern. Definitely a cozy feeling. Reminds me of a more simple time.

Back to the Pepsi crate. I don’t know what to do with it. It has dividers in it so I could make it into shelves for something small. I am not sure which room to put it in and what to put in it.


I have thought about using it in my room that right now REALLY needs cleaned and organized. If I use it there , it will probably hold some needlework items or small books. For now it will most likely stay in that room until I figure out a home for it. When I clean the room and this little fella finds a home I will post some pics.



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