Great Thrift Shop Finds

I woke up this morning with the intentions of staying home and doing some cleaning. I then realized it was Tuesday and the light bulb went off in my head! My favorite thrift shop was open today, YEAH! They are only open Tuesdays and Saturdays. It seems that either my days off of work don’t coinside with those days or I have other things going on. Well today was MY day and I am glad I went. I found some clothes that I could use, but I also found something  that I wasn’t planning on.


A Vera Bradley purse! There was another one there with the exact pattern. I love it! I paid a whopping $4 for it! The last time that I went to a Vera Bradley store I left in sticker shock. It might not be the exact pattern that I would have picked out at a Vera Bradley store, but for $4 I am happy.

I also found a globe for my kerosene lamp. Someone in my house, who shall remain nameless, broke my globe many years ago. I have searched forever for the exact size to fit it, but I can’t seem to find one cheap enough. I found one today that I thought might fit it, but when I brought it home I realized it is a little too big. It fits, but it hangs over just a little.


I paid $1 for it, so for now I am happy. Maybe I should measure the base that the globe sits on and keep the measurements in my purse, that way should I find one I will know if it will fit or not.

It ended up being a good day at the thrift shop. Anyone else have any good finds that they want to share? I would love to hear about them.




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