Brrrr It’s Cold!!!!

When I woke up this morning I knew that number 1 I didn’t have to go to work and number 2 it was REALLY COLD outside. I was so glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere today. Since that it is a day off from work I knew that I had to do some cleaning so I thought that I would tackle that first so that I would have the rest of the day for me!

I love to burn candles and I was going to burn one then I decided on something else. I remembered that I had several oranges left that really are too soft to eat. I then looked in the spice cupboard to see if I still had cinnamon sticks and sure enough I do.


I took one orange and quartered it. I then took one of the cinnamon sticks and put that with the orange in a pot and filled the pot with water,  It started to smell good already. I then put it on the stove to simmer. It didn’t take long for the house to smell soo good!


As you can see here the water has gotten a little low so I will add some more. I will keep adding water as needed all afternoon. It adds a nice fragrance to our home as well as putting some moisture into the air. This time of year with it being so cold out, it gets so dry inside.

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? I love it for so many reasons. I love to do needlework and have done some crocheting in the past. I finally decided to try and crochet some little flowers like I have seen on Pinterest. If they turn out I will put them on here.


I haven’t done any needlework in so long I have actually missed it. It is a good day to start getting back into it. All I will need now is a nice cup of tea. The tea will keep me warm since it is only 8 degrees out right now and I think that was supposed to be the high today.




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