Coupons, Stockpiling and Bargains….

I have used coupons for the last 24 years. I have never considered myself an “Extreme Couponer”. I have used coupons to help with our grocery bill. If I would see a good price on something and I had a coupon for it, I bought enough that would help us get through until the next sale. Last week my favorite store had discounted Libby’s Naturals canned vegetables to 50¢ a can. I looked in my coupon file and found some coupons good for this brand. I ended up getting 16 cans for 25¢ a piece. I did have some from the last time I saw them on sale. I haven’t counted how many I have in my stockpile, but I know that we will go through them.


We do eat fresh vegetables as much as possible, I like the fact that this is sort of my “fast food” item. If I have to, I can grill some chicken breasts and heat up a can of veggies and it is healthier and cheaper than fast food. I also like to can and freeze our food from our garden. In the picure there is some homecanned spaghetti sauce.


Here is some more homecanned tomatoes and grape jelly. I also try to keep toilet paper, paper towels, and anything else that we may use alot of stashed in my stockpile. I don’t like having to run to the store at the last minute paying full price for something. If I see something on sale and we will use it, I buy it and stash it.


I use coupons on things that we will use, or things that my son can take back to college with him. If I can get a good deal for him, he appreciates it. Why should anyone pay full price for things and spend their hard earned money? I used to have a box full of coupons that I would take with me to the store everytime I shopped. Now I just use a little binder. It doesn’t compare to the men and women that take HUGE binders to the store and catch everyone’s eyes. I keep it to a minimum. I buy what we will use.


I realize that this picture is a little disorganized, but it shows somethings that I have bought in bulk. There are somethings that never go on sale and are healthier and cheaper to buy in bulk. Powdered milk is in the bucket on the shelf. On top of it is a bag of organic pasta bought in bulk. Underneath is more whole wheat pasta that someone gave me because they didn’t like it. That is all that we eat. Same with the bottles of juices. They were given to us as well.


This is a pantry in our kitchen that really is small in comparison to everything that we have. I think that I need to organize it!


I do buy somethings in bulk and I like to have somethings in easy reach. These shelves sit beside the pantry in the kitchen. Some of the spices I have made myself so that there isn’t any salt in them. The buckets contain bulk oatmeal and above them are the dried beans, popcorn, cocoa and assorted flours and cornmeal.

My dream one of these days, is to have a walk in pantry to put everything into. I don’t think that I will ever quit saving money on our groceries. Every little bit helps. Anytime you see a bargain at the grocery store and you know that you will use it up, buy it. It will save you money now and you won’t pay full price later!




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