Technology and Toys

My daughter cleaned her room several weeks ago and found something that I forgot that we had. It is a game that we bought one time when we went on vacation. I can’t remember where we went, but I remember someone demonstrating this game. It looked like so much fun, so we bought it. It is called the Game of Graces. It dates back to the 1800’s.


Two people can play at the same time. You stand about 15 feet or so apart from each other and each of you hold two of the sticks shown. You then take one of the rings and place it around the two sticks. Cross the two sticks and stretch your arms out and then open the sticks and toss the ring into the air. It should make it towards the other person. The other person then has to try and catch it with their sticks together. You can play it alone as well. It is just a little different. You can even try to keep the ring spinning around the stick.

Children years ago didn’t have computers, phones and all of the electronic games that our children have today. I have read stories how children that grew up in the 1800’s or even the Great Depression were happy with what toys they had. It might not have been much, but they were happy.

My son found another toy that I happened to have laying around here last night.


Not sure what it is even called but it is a little entertaining. You just hold the cup in one hand and try to get the ball into it. Do you wonder if children today would actually play with this? I could picture a child playing with it while the family sat around a fireplace in the evening.

I do question if we, as a society, are doing the right thing by our children. I question if the amount of technology that is in our children’s lives is healthy for them. Do they know how to just relax and enjoy life? Do they know how to walk down the street or down a country road to knock on a door to see if “Johnny” or “Susie” can come over to play?  I can drive in my small town and NEVER see a child outside playing anymore. To me, that is sad. I loved riding my bike, or going with a friend to the creek near our house to catch cray fish.

There are children that take medication for anxiety. I often wonder if it does stem from all of the techology that surrounds them. Are they overwhelmed? I wonder what a little bike ride would do for them?

Maybe we should take a step back into time and everyone might be a little more relaxed with a slower pace. Heck, even us adults could play a Game of Graces, then sit on the front porch and sip a glass of iced tea. Now that sounds relaxing.




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