Preserving the Past

Old cookie cutters, enamel ware, crocks, and linens, I love them all! Sometimes I think that I was born during the wrong times. If I run across anything vintage or just down right old and rusty, I love it. Just visiting a flea market or thrift shop and finding something old I love to just look at it and wonder who actually used it. I try to imagine the people that used it for everyday use. I might not use everything I find for everyday use, but I try to. Canning jars are used for canning. While I might mash my potatoes with an electric mixer, I try to preserve the past. I have a friend that still uses a washboard to wash her husbands socks on. She said that they get the cleanest that way. I might not do that, but I do have two washboards decorating my laundry room. I suppose that one of these days I could use them if I had to. I do like modern technology for certain things 🙂

My favorite old things that I collect are anything from the kitchen and old sewing notions. Vintage linens are so pretty. I purchased an old sewing machine once just to use the table that the machine folds into. The table proudly sits in my living room. I picture what the woman would look like sitting there sewing clothes for her family.

Cookie cutters, and kitchen ware are something that I can picture in someone’s kitchen from years past. I will touch these things and wonder how hard that woman worked in her kitchen making meals for her family. This was back when families sat at the dinner table together everynight and enjoyed each others company. They enjoyed the meal that was made with love and hard work. If these dinners were made during the great depression or earlier, they most likely were cooked on a stove that was heated with wood. Try to picture yourself cooking under those conditions. I think that sometimes we should go back to those days. We might appreciate things a little more.


In the picture is a bean pot. While I haven’t used it to cook beans in, I do enjoy looking at it. I wonder who used the cookie cutters. Did she gently roll out the dough and cut out the cookies? Did she place them in the cookie jar for the children to sneek into later and hope that no one found out? I love wondering all of these things.

I can’t wait to hit the flea markets this summer and wonder what else I might find that I can bring home and enjoy.




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