We have had a garden since our children were little. We wanted them to know where the food that we eat comes from. I can and freeze the food that we grow and I store our potatoes in a cool place in the basement. Every year a friend of ours gives us homemade sauerkraut which is absolutely delicious. This year was no exception. His family makes it a tradition to get together and make the sauerkraut. They use the old crocks just like in generations past. We are always on the hunt for these crocks at flea markets for them.

When my husband came home from work the other day and said the kraut was ready, I was excited. Actually I was excited for my family so they could eat it. I am not aloud to eat it anymore because of the salt content. I do miss it with the pork on New Years day. When I baggged it up it smelled heavenly. Homemade kraut!


We bagged up seven quarts of sauerkaut. I am sure that the family will enjoy this throughout the year. It freezes well.  I love knowing that the freezer is full of veggies from our garden and from friends that are generous. I also love the fact that there are shelves in the basement with jars of canned veggies, jellies, and sauces.



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