New Year

As the new year approaches I have reflected on this past year and have wondered what the new year will bring. This past year has been full of health issues and some happy times too.

Last December I had a heart attack. I am so thankful for modern medicine, for without it, I wouldn’t be here. I really couldn’t enjoy last Christmas because I was still recovering from it. I was just thankful that I was here and able to see my family. My poor daughter ended up cooking all of the food for Christmas. She was 17 and I think that she did a pretty good job. Thank you Katie!

We had a graduation in the family. Katie is our youngest and she graduated from high school in June. I was so thankful to see her graduate. It was an emotional moment for me. I was thanking God that I was given a second chance at life so I could see my daughter graduate.

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Then there is our oldest child, Matthew. He made us proud to have attended the Republican National Convention. He had a once in a lifetime experience. He met Mike Huckabee, David Gregory and many others. He attends college right now and majors in communication. One of these days, he just might be famous! We joke that one of these days he can help out his parents and get us our second home somewhere south.


We have also had some friends and neighbors pass away. It is hard on me when this happens. It makes me wonder “why do some of us pass and others are given a second chance?”. I know that God has a plan for us and that there are reasons for everything. I do think that sometimes it makes the survivors stronger.

I look forward to the new year with encouragement that my family stays healthy. I know that some of us make New Year Resolutions. I have done this in the past only to have those resolutions fail. Instead I make choices. I choose to make only 2 choices this year. One is to clear out the house of clutter. I will post about this sometime. The other choice is healthier food. I have been cooking healthy food all year, but sometimes I have had some complaints that there isn’t any junk food in the house. I am on a mission this year to make healthy food “enticing” for everyone in the house.

Here is to everyone having a safe and Happy New Year! Here is to good health and fun times in 2013!!





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