Christmas Time

My daughter has a cookie exchange where she works. She has been busy baking today. She also has an exchange with some of her friends. She is one busy little bee. I still have to do my baking for Christmas yet as well so our kitchen is getting quite a workout this week.



She has eight dozen to make for both exchanges. She has made quite an assortment and has put her decorating abilities to good use!


Now tomorrow will be the hard part, getting all of them to work! Packaging them so none will break and stay pretty. There is a lady where I work that makes cookies to sell at Christmas time. She talks about how she enjoys it and finds baking relaxing. Then there was the customer that came in once and told all of us that he and his wife made 3000 cookies in four hours. I was amazed that this couple would go to so much work to make cookies to give to all of their family. He said that they had a system and once they got into the swing of things they just pumped those cookies right out. Good for them!

Maybe when I start to bake I will have to show my finished products…mmm yummy!




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