Pizza Time!

Today was such a gloomy day and I was in the mood for some comfort food. I don’t eat store bought pizza anymore due to watching what I eat. I do occasionally eat homemade pizza. I figure that once in awile I could have some lowfat cheese. Since having a heart attack I am usually careful about my salt and fat. I have been very creative with recipes and my family most of the time likes my cooking. I have in the past made homemade pizza and would put whatever toppings on that we like. Now I am careful with most of the toppings that go on top. I do feel bad occasionally for my family always eating healthy with me, I do splurge. Tonight I made one pizza with pepperoni on top and another with chicken for me.

I first start with a homemade crust. The recipe that I use calls for 3 cups of flour. Insead of all white, I use half white and half wheat. No one seems to mind that ratio. I tried all wheat once and nobody but me liked it. I will let it rise in a warm oven until it gets to the thickness that we like.


While it rises, I start getting my toppings ready. Tonight I made carmelized onions, chopped up mushrooms, and chopped up chicken. Hubby likes pepperoni on his, and my daughter doesn’t. He had the pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions on his. On the other pizza was chicken, onions, and on half went the mushrooms. My daughter can’t stand mushrooms, so I didn’t make her suffer. I used our home canned spaghetti/pizza sauce for the sauce. My daughter said that maybe we should try a white sauce sometime. Hmm, I think that I will have to do that. If it works out, that will be another post! I do use lowfat mozzerella cheese. It might not be as tasty as regular, but we like it.



I was a happy camper tonight with my “healthier” pizza. When I made the dough I cut out about two thirds of the salt. I figured that there is salt in the cheese so that would help. Everyone liked it and it was alot healthier and cheaper than takeout. I have to add here that you can take any recipe and adjust it to your needs and wants. Since I have to watch my fat and salt I adjust recipes to my needs. Most of the time, you can’t tell the difference. You can find recipes for pizza dough in any cookbook. I have always liked making things from scratch so cooking like this is fun to me. It can also be a money saver. When you cook from scratch, you save money as well. See, you can save your health, your money and still have comfort food on a cold dreary day!



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