I think that all of us at some point have leftovers in our refrigerator. When I do I immediately think, what can I do with them. First I have to say that I am a frugal person. I hate wasting food. I  noticed that I had some pasta, green beans, half of a jar of homecanned spaghetti sauce and some gravy with bits of meat and veggies in it. My first thought was The Tightwad Gazette. I remember an article in there that Amy Dacyczyn talked about. Leftover stew. She discussed how her children had ruddy faces from playing outside and they came to the dinner table. A kerosene lamp was giving off the light needed for their dinner of leftover stew. The children did not complain about what was put in front of them. I applauded her family. It can take some effort to make another “tasty” meal from leftovers.


Tonight I made a stew from the leftovers that I mentioned above. It is simmering on the stove as I speak, and I might add that it smells really good. I made some biscuits from scratch to have with it. We will probably have some fruit on the side and we will call it dinner. I have done this on and off for years and never had my kids complained either. I am sure that hubby will enjoy it as he likes this sort of thing.

When I do have leftovers, I try to make sure that the spices don’t conflict with each other. I have put leftover chili  and spaghetti together with good results. I have also put taco meat with leftover potatoes. Add a little cheese and it is almost like chili over potatoes. Possibilities are endless. I think that I hear dinner calling now……




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