Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Am I the only one that would not step foot into a store on Black Friday? I tried it one time when my kids were little. I really wanted to get some deaply discounted toys for under the tree that year. Off I went by myself while hubby and kids were at home all warm and snug, and not with a bunch of lunatics! I was in a store where it was elbow to elbow. I vowed then and there not to go shopping ever again on Black Friday.

Fast forward to when I discovered Cyber Monday. I subsribe to a refund website and on there are up to date deals. If someone discovered that a website was offering something at its lowest price, they would post it on the refund site. I can’t tell you how happy I was not to have to go to the store and brave the people just to get a bargain on something.

Fast forward a few more years and me becoming a little more frugal in my life. Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest days of the year for sales, it doesn’t mean that those prices are actually at their lowest. Anyone can do a search on the internet and find a list of when is the right time to buy certain items. White sales usually happen in January. If you need bedding, etc that is a good time to shop. Looking for a new tv? The best time is right before the Super Bowl. Just watch the commercials on tv sometime and places like electronic stores and big box stores are always running ads for getting that big screen tv just in time to watch the big game.

I admit that I did do some shopping yesterday, but I do have and have always had a budget. Just because something is a good deal doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. If you didn’t need it for a gift or for yourself, you didn’t save money. You are in the hole. That is one thing that I don’t like this time of year. So many people buy things on credit and then can’t pay for it later. Some can’t even afford to pay for it in the first place.

While it is fun to give and receive gifts this time of year, always remember the real meaning of the holidays. No one should have to go into debt just to have a nice holiday. I hope that everyone has a frugal holiday season!


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