Thrift Shops

Have you ever had one of those Saturday mornings where you planned on getting out of bed early to go to your favorite thrift shops? I did just that this past Saturday. I was in the mood to find something unique and different. Hubby wanted to come with me which is fine, but I was a woman on a mission. I made it known that I might be awhile. I love to poke in these stores forever. I am looking for a new to me/used bookcase. I love books! I love the smell of a book. Might sound crazy to some but there is nothing like picking up a good book to read and smelling it first. I have a spare room in my house that I am wanting to rearrange, so I need another bookcase to put all of my books in that are just piled everywhere.

Our first stop was a thrift shop that I don’t usually visit. My mom told me that they sometimes have furniture in their windows, so I thought that I would check it out. Well, it was a bust. There was a nice Lazy Boy recliner in there for only $50. I will definitely have to check that place out again as we were told they get things all of the time.

Our next stop was a new place that just opened. One of my favorite consignment stores just opened a furniture store next door to the clothing store that they have. Let me tell you that they have some neat things in there. Some antique furniture and even a flat screen tv were some of the items that graced the floor in there. The prices weren’t too bad either. Unfortunately I did not see any bookcases 😦

Our next stop was my all time favorite thrift shop. This thrift shop has two different sections. Clothes, shoes and purses that are in excellent shape are priced a little higher, like up to $3 each. Those are in the garage sale section. On the main floor are the rest of the clothes,shoes, and purses that are just 25¢ each. I think that the majority of my wardrobe has come from this thrift shop. They sometimes have furniture there priced really cheap.  Did I find a bookcase? NO! Why is it that when you go on a mission to find something specfic you cannot find it? I did however find some clothes and two books. All that I spent out of pocket was $2.75. Eight articles of clothing for me, one for my daughter and the books. I don’t think that was too bad for a day out with my hubby. Even if you want to include gas money, it wasn’t that much. We might have used one gallon of gas if that. If you do add a gallon at $3.55 plus the $2.75 that is still only $6.30. That is still less than $1 an item. Not too bad!

Does anyone else love spending a Saturday morning go to their favorite thrift shops? I would love to hear your stories.



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