Saving money during the holidays. Part 2

I am all for saving money. I try to never pay full price for anything, that includes anything to do with Christmas. I used to be a stay at home mom. During those years, I used to do alot of refunding to supplement my couponing. Any of my refund money I wouold save for any Christmas presents. I also would take anything that my kids outgrew to a local consignment store. That money would also be put into my little stash. Usually by Thanksgiving I had around $400 saved up. Sometimes more, sometimes less.  I love shopping on Amazon and any brick and mortar stores that have great sales. If I came across something for one of my children that was a great deal and that I knew they would like, I would buy it. I also like to shop after Christmas for the following Christmas if my funds allow me to do so. So many great sales happen when the holidays are over. Sometimes I even find something for myself.

I have what is called a “gift” closet. Anything that I might find through out the year goes into that closet. Everyone knows in my house that the closet is off limits during the holiday season. The closet is usually to full to hide anything by that point. Even my husband knows not to go in there.

It is a great feeling knowing that anything you purchased you did not pay full price for and is already in your house. All you have to do is wrap everything. Don’t forget to get all of your wrapping paper, bows, tags, etc after Christmas for the following year. Alot of stores have those items greatly reduced. I remember getting wrapping paper for free one year. Rite Aid and a coupon for wrapping paper and combined with the sale, it made it free. I still have some in my closet. My kids were little then and now are grown.

Don’t forget to look for Christmas type food reduced as well. I have found frostings, cakes, candy and numerous other items for pennies at stores trying to move these products to get ready for Valentines Day. Chocolates can be frozen and used in baking for later. Candy canes are just overgrown mints. I break them and keep pieces of them in little ziploc bags (Christmas bags of course) to keep in my purse. If I need a mint, they are there. And paper products that have snowflakes on them are reduced as well. This can even work after Halloween, Valentines Day, and Easter. If you can get paper towels for 25¢ a roll who cares what is on them. I don’t.

Just think outside of the box when it comes to shopping for holidays or birthdays. Your wallet will like you and so will your credit card.



2 thoughts on “Saving money during the holidays. Part 2

  1. i am making cloth reusable, reversible bags for gift wrapping . one side is christmas ans the other is for other occasions. they are washable also. just need to get them returned to me.

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