Saving money during the holidays. Part 1

I am sure that everyone knows that several weeks before Thanksgiving, most stores put turkeys on sale. The price range will vary, unfortunately. I have three stores in a 10 mile radius that have three different prices. Another thing these stores do is make you buy $25 in groceries in order to get a turkey for xx ¢ per pound. Would you drive to a store that you are unfamiliar with to buy $25 in groceries to get a cheap turkey? I am not sure that I would. My favorite store offers a turkey for 68¢ a pound with a $25 order. At the top of their flyer it says that it will price match any competitors prices on turkeys. Well, the one store that I don’t want to go to is offering a turkey for 28¢ a pound. Guess what I will be doing? Taking the non favorite store’s ad to my favorite store and price matching my turkey. I will get my turkey cheaper, plus my store also has fuel perks for buying groceries. I will save on my turkey and gas for my vehicle the next time that I fill up. If your store lets you buy more than one turkey, buy several if you can. A turkey at 28¢ a pound is so much cheaper than lunch meat. And how many meals can you get out of a 20 pound turkey? ALOT! Some people even can their turkey meat and broth. It will last a long time that way. Don’t forget to make soup too! I love the smell of soup cooking on the stove on a chilly day. Always look at those ads for the food that you will be buying for your holiday meal. My motto is to never pay full price for anything. If I am going to make a pie, I am going to look for the rock bottom price on apples, and whipped cream. I have everything else I would need, because I try to keep a stocked pantry. Samething with anything you will make for your holiday meals. Shop the sale ads. If it is on sale, and you will be needing it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, buy it. You will save so much in the end.



3 thoughts on “Saving money during the holidays. Part 1

  1. Did you see in one of the Sunday inserts today that Trisha Yearwood said you can cook a 12 lb turkey in a pot at 500 deg for an hour, turn oven off and after 6 hrs it will be thoroughly cooked? She says it works, but I just find that amazing!

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