Found Treasures

It is such a dreary day here today and I had a lot of places to be today, but the rain didn’t co-operate with any of it. I did make it to a few garage sales early this morning and I am glad that I did. I found something that I have been wanting for […]


Farm Fresh

I don’t consider our place a farm, but I do consider it our homestead. We have a garden every year that provides us with fresh vegetables to eat throughout the summer and some to put up for use in the winter. When we used to raise chickens for the meat, and my husband gets a […]


An Old Soul

I have a friend that recently gave me some old canning supplies that he had found. I love old things, especially old kitchen gadgets. I have often wondered if I was born at the wrong time since I like these sort of things. I look back at what the pioneers had gone through, and how […]