A Little of This And That

My son is working a shift that requires him to go to bed real early so we needed a new curtain for his bedroom. When I got out of work yesterday I ran to our local Big Lots to see what kinds of curtains they had. I found exactly what I was looking for and […]


Rustic Appeal

If you saw my post on Saturday, you saw that I was a happy girl finding a washstand/dry sink at a garage sale. I have been busy so it has been sitting in my living room since then and we have been walking around it. Today was a day to stay home and do some cleaning, so it […]


Found Treasures

It is such a dreary day here today and I had a lot of places to be today, but the rain didn’t co-operate with any of it. I did make it to a few garage sales early this morning and I am glad that I did. I found something that I have been wanting for […]


Farm Fresh

I don’t consider our place a farm, but I do consider it our homestead. We have a garden every year that provides us with fresh vegetables to eat throughout the summer and some to put up for use in the winter. When we used to raise chickens for the meat, and my husband gets a […]